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Natalia Oreiro
Claudia Shiffer
Sharon Stone
Anna Kurnikova
Naomi Campbell
Boris Moiseev ;)

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Natalia's What image is better?
1998-99 "Milli"
" Tu Veneno " (bang)
She is good always


1065 photos - 6 midi
41 videos - 32 mp3
       Русская версия

     I am glad to welcome on my site of admirers Natalia Oreiro, and also of those who else is poorly familiar with her. I hope, that here you can learn more about her and her creativity.

New +7 More translations of songs.

New Has collected a small collection of photos about Natalia Oreiro's March visit to Russia. Look, who yet did not see, how Natalia drinks vodka.

[20.03.02] Natalia at us still also has visited. For this time she has had time to remain alive after "dialogue" with some fans at the airport and near hotel to try from a throat our national drink, to receive as a gift Russian kokoshnik and to act in it at a concert, to learn some of Russian words, to show the new song...

More in detail about her last visit read clauses(articles) in newspapers: "KP", "Izvestia". Record of press conference of Natalia you can download on a site of official fan-club.

[16.03.02] In section "Video" there is a fragment from MTV's the News-block about Natalia's third arrival Russia.

New It Is added 15 wall-paper and 5 translations of songs from the first album.

New Listen Natalia's new songs small fragment, which will enter her new disk. " Alas de Libertad" ("Wings of freedom").

[01.03.02] Natalia Oreiro will arrive to Russia! She will give on one solo concert in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow concert is held March, 15 in Luzhniki, cost of tickets from 600 roubles. More in detail...

[26.02.02] The last week Natalia Oreiro has participated in festival "Vina Del Mar". More in detail...

New It Is added 360 photos. Now photos more than 1000! New galleries have appeared.

[20.02.02] Natalia - godmother of combined team of Uruguay on football, is ripe February, 13 in stadium before a companionable match with Corea. Look photos this and this.

New Some details about a new serial with Natalia Oreiro in a leaging role Have appeared. Read here.

New It Is added 130 photos. In section "Music" now there are Natalia's all songs - in the sum of 115 MBYTES of music!

New It Appears, that Natalia Oreiro and Ricardo Molio are married already about one month to that the party arranged by them recently was devoted. It has taken place secretly somewhere in Brazil... Look Natalia's photo and Molio. (a source

     And additionally read Natalia's the biography, look more Natalia's than 1000 photos in galleries; for convenience photos are grouped on subjects: "Best", "On concerts", "Muneca Brava", "Wall-paper" etc. Listen to all songs from both albums in format MP3, a midi-melody and texts in Spanish (and a part of texts with translation).

     And still swing Natalia Oreiro's clips, fragments and photos from film "Muneca Brava" and different cool video - all more than 40 clips and videofragments.

     Comments, questions, wishes, criticism and everything, everything about Natalia, the contents and design of a site I ask to state in the guest book or write on e-mail.

Next time there will be another photo of Natalia Oreiro

     If the site has liked - come still. Sergey, the founder of the given resource.

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